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Veterans Don’t Get Free Dental, So This Mobile Clinic Is Offering It To Them For Free

Everyone loves a pearly white smile, but there’s more to clean teeth than just looks. Good dental hygiene benefits the entire body, as digestion begins in the mouth and strong, sturdy teeth are needed to adequately chew fibrous foods.

Tell that to veterans and they’ll certainly agree. Unfortunately, most are not receiving the benefit of dental insurance, which is offered only to veterans who are disabled.

To help remedy this conundrum, a mobile dental office has been offering free dental care to those who have served since January.

HuffPost reports that the fully-functional, 42-foot rolling “Mouth Mobile” dental care van – complete with a lab for making dentures – owns X-ray equipment and has two fully-functioning exam and treatment rooms. Of course, it wouldn’t run without its thousands of volunteer dentists and technicians.

Credit: Aspen Dental
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The Mouth Mobile has provided $2.8 million in free dental care for roughly 4,000 this year.

, one of the largest dental care chains in the U.S., is the pioneer behind the “Healthy Mouth Movement.” This year, their focus was on helping veterans.

The business partnered with the nonprofit “Got Your 6” (which is military-speak for “watching your back”) and has been touring around America, offering dental care to retired service members in need.

Said Dr. Nicholas Miller, an Aspen Dental dentist, to WLNS News:

“It’s important we take care of the most urgent pain they are in and make sure we take care of all their needs in a limited amount of time.”

This initiative is certainly worth sharing, don’t you think?  Spread this news!

November 25, 2015, by Amanda Froelich

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