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Take A Moment and Listen to this Important Discussion with Attorney Matthew Pappas

Take A Moment and Listen to this Important Discussion with Attorney Matthew Pappas


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As part of my effort to shine the light on issues of our society, it is important to highlight the people involved in the fight for justice in this country. For the past few weeks, my discussion have been both important and inspiring.  Stefan Komar, Sarah Swain and Alli McCracken are three of the people whose discussions have been beyond inspiring.  This morning it happened again.   needs to be paid attention to, in my view. His grasp of the issue, Constitutional Law and the History of the Drug War is extensive and, correct.  Please listen to this important discussion.

Friday afternoon, July 2, 2015, a coalition of attorneys held a press conference in Los Angeles to announce continued and new litigation to combat the drug war and particularly the continued of marijuana in our society. Police agencies, Federal, State and Local and Children and Family Service Agencies continue to destroy lives because of the use of a plant. That ANY use of has medicinal qualities. Matthew Pappas is one the attorneys who put together this coalition fighting these laws and practices. Matthew discussed with me why he is fighting, what kind of lawyer he is, how lawyers should be fighting these issues and the specific cases he is working on. Matthew will also spoke about the other attorneys who were part of the coalition at this Press Conference and some of the Organizations and activists he is working with. We also discussed the Constitution and how it is being ignored in the drug war. Working with the and the Swain Law Firm Matthew and his colleagues hope justice and the Constitution finally will prevail. So grab a cup of coffee and please listen to this important discussion.

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