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Troubled Times

Troubled Times


              Ferguson, Immigration, War, Unconstitutional Laws and Policies by Congress and the President, the Militarization of Our Police Force, Poverty, Racism, Money in Politics, Partisan Mainstream Media, Corruption and Conflict of Interest in areas of Food, Medicine and the Environment and a disdain for the truth.  Yes, there are issues that I have left out.  Too many more in my view.  The most important aspect of all these issues in my view is the lack of interest and apathy by our society.  Add to this a high percentage of trust in what our elected officials and government keep telling us even though the truth is staring us right in the face and I wonder how we are going to fix our government so it has our best interest at heart.  “We The People”.  Apparently this is not important to us anymore.  It certainly isn’t to our elected officials.  It certainly isn’t to these big money corporations that continue to mold policy and bribe our elected official to do their own bidding. It certainly does not matter to our Mainstream Media. The icing on this cake for me is the way partisanship has grown between neighbors, keeping us as divided as we ever have been in our history. Why do we allow it?

Take look at what is going on.  Do you care?  Do you care that tear gas is being used on your neighbors?  Do you care that we have been at War during your entire lifetime? Do you care that while the cost of living goes up the wages available to our children does not? Do you care that unarmed people are being gunned down and yet the finance community on Wall Street have never seen the inside of a jail even though they committed the richest crimes in history and have millions of victims? Do you care that our elected officials continue to violate the law? Do you care that our media helps them violate the law by telling us it was necessary or okay or not so bad? Do you care that there is Money in Politics and your vote is meaningless because they do what Money tells them not what we need them to do? Do you care that people who work for corporations are placed in charge of government policy on issues that directly involve the profits of those same corporations? Well? Do you? I know I do.

I ask you as a member of the human race born and living in the United States.  Please wake up and help to put a stop to what is going in our country.  Please take a stand.  Please talk to your neighbors.  Please stop hating.  Please demand that your elected officials protect your rights and follow the rule of law.  Please tell our government to turn off the war machine.  Please care.

I wish all of you a Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving.  Filled with love and freedom and family.


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