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The Constitution is NOT the Problem

The Constitution is NOT the Problem


 I just finished being part of a radio show created and hosted by my friend and fellow Coffee Party Member Egberto Willies.  He does very good work and he is so concerned about our society I am happy he is out there fighting.  During the show, as I usually do, I included the Constitution as part of my question to the guest on the show Carl Gibson.  Carl Gibson appears to be another person fighting the good fight.   In answering my question though he and Egberto both left me very frustrated and it once again made me think of what I am writing about here.  My question to Carl essentially asked him how he viewed the Democratic Party in relation to the Constitution.  He asked for clarification and I mentioned my own personal history briefly.  I mentioned that it was my hatred for the things I witnessed happen under Reagan that made me an activist and how the left was the supporter of no war, and  supported free speech and how the left was always first to stand with people who were wronged by the police.  Things like that. I also mentioned how I could not support someone like Elizabeth Warren due to her unconstitutional voting record, (among a few other hypocrisies she has committed).  The way Carl answered the question initially frustrated me.  He stated that the Constitution was written by 55 white men who were land owners.  I interrupted. I state regardless of that analysis it is the Rule of Law for our country.  Egberto then made a statement about the Supreme Court’s interpretation actions.

Thus my frustrations.

                        Since the discussion did not go any further I can only make an assumption that what Carl was speaking of is that the Constitution does not matter or is fundamentally flawed.  I do not need to make any assumptions about what Egberto meant by his comments.  We interact enough for me to know exactly what he meant.  I am very frustrated.  How can people dismiss our Rule of Law so easily?  Why do so many people think that because the Constitution can have Amendments added and taken off that this somehow makes the “Rule of Law” abstract?  How does a conversation about a Constitutional Government somehow put me in bed with Republicans or elitists?  Yes I am very frustrated.

                       First allow me to put something to rest right now.  Republican elected officials are in no way supporters of the Constitution. Their voting record, the laws they write and/or support, their support of voting suppression laws and ballot access restrictions and their disregard for equality are glaring examples of just a few of the ways they violate the Constitution on a daily basis. The problem I have is that DEMOCRAT ELECTED OFFICIALS DO IT AS WELL.  With so many Elected Officials violating the Constitution so callously and with a populace that just does not make them pay for those actions we wind up with well what we now are dealing with in our society.  A corrupt government so tied to money and power that all they care about is to be reelected rather than work for the people.

                          I say we kick the tires and take the Constitution out for a spin.  I say we repeal unconstitutional laws like the Patriot Act, The Indefinite Detention Provision of the N.D.A.A. and the War Powers Act.  I say we stop letting the Dems and the GOP from using our tax dollars to run their primaries.  How many of you truly know or realize that the Democratic and Republican Parties are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS?????  The very first Amendment to the Constitution starts out with the words “Congress shall make no law…..”  This is not some ambiguous statement or law.  Shall not!!  Has Congress made laws…?  Yes it has.  Have we let them?  Yes we have.  Would we be better served if these laws were not there?  Yes we would.  When we look at how our elected officials continue to create law and policy that clearly does not follow our Rule of Law what it does, at least for me, is show how being far away from our Rule of Law is hurting us.  What difference does it make what the makeup of the men who wrote the Constitution was if the document itself makes how we are able to live in this country better?  Would you rather not have your rights protected?  Would you rather your child not have access to bail if arrested for possession of marijuana?  Would you rather be arrested for peaceful assembly?  Would you rather be told that you have to follow this religion and nothing else?  Would you rather we continue to allow our Supreme Court to tell us that corporations are people?  I don’t know about you but I cannot find that corporations are people in the Constitution.  I just looked again just to make sure.

                              I ask you to consider demanding our elected officials follow the Constitution.  I ask you to familiarize yourself with it again.  I ask you when you hear a politician speak about you make sure they are right about what they are saying. I ask you to hold our elected officials accountable.


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